S03 Episode 3: How Meteoric Growth Impacts Sales with Drew Sanocki and Michael Epstein

Advisors lead by developing a trusted relationship with prospects. This takes out a lot of traditional pitching for business and transitions to paid connections. You become more of a consultant than just a hired gun.

Drew Sanocki and Michael Epstein are partners at Growthengines.io, which has grown from being brand new to generating $1 million in revenue in less than a year through retainer work. How has it gone from nothing to where it is at now in such a short period? What impact does that have on the way that it sells?

Today’s topics include:

  • Agony and pain that comes before success and figuring out a model
  • Insights: Moving from 1-OP projects to ongoing retainers, and going to higher-end retainers
  • To go up market practically and mindset-wise what needs to change is the 80/20 rule: 20% of clients were driving 80% of the revenue; building an agency that targets the 20%
  • Structuring things differently to attract and convert the bigger fish; generating valuable content and marketing, and focusing offering on the highest value adding aspects
  • Typical Lifecycle: Hear about Growth Engines, sparks interest, follows a call to action/lead magnet, and tag leads for initial engagement and email sequence
  • Selling Process: Once prospect is qualified, they are funneled through various offerings, such as courses and roadmap growth audit
  • Sometimes a sales call is not even necessary; convince them without it
  • Focusing on standardization, process improvement, and fulfillment
  • Communication Process for Qualified Prospects: Emails for engagement, but not a lot of selling that has to happen  
  • Follow-up efforts with those who choose not to opt-in
  • Pulling data to generate reports and drive presentation deck to deliver to client; making deliverable more productized and systemized

Resources and links:

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Growth Audit

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