S02 Episode 6: Drip Automation Software with Dustin Robertson

My guest today is Dustin Robertson, chief marketing officer (CMO) of Drip. Dustin has been with Drip for just over a year and came from a business to consumer background. He started Backcountry.com, where he was educated on digital marketing while growing that business. After learning eCommerce and digital marketing, he wanted to venture into online travel and develop data marketing tools. Fortunately, Dustin met people from Drip and discovered the company had a platform that could handle database marketing at scale for eCommerce marketers.

On today’s episode, we discuss marketing automation now and in the future. Automation done right is transformative – both for businesses and their customers.

Today’s topics include:

  • Describing the possibilities of automation
  • Being interested in marketing automation – email is center of the universe
  • Educating clients on cart abandonment and another issues or services
  • Moving toward various ways to communicate for engagement and purchases
  • Shifting to an eCommerce business model for selling
  • Evolving ecosystem into a command center for all online marketing activities
  • Naming and defining Drip’s electronic customer relationship management (eCRM)
  • Specializing in marketing automation will get you tons of success
  • Overturning objections for time investment involved with setting up automation

Resources and links:

Dustin Robertson


Drip account


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