Sell Yourself Online: The Blueprint

Without clients, you have no business. In this course, you’ll get step-by-step instruction and guidance on how to setup a sales and marketing system that works on your behalf to attract high-quality clients – 24/7/365.

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    Tired of crappy job board clients and waiting for referrals?

    Most freelancers are reactive, meaning they wait for work to come to them.

    They wait for someone to realize they need a new website, a new app, or someone to help manage their ads, and then they seek out someone like you.

    The problem is that equation is entirely out of your control…

    Will someone come knocking on your door this month? Who knows.

    And when we have no idea where our next project is coming from, we end up making concessions so we can keep the lights on. Maybe we scrape the bottom of the barrel of Craigslist. Or we end up accepting a ridiculously low rate just so we have something to keep us busy.

    You need a system that proactively generates work for you – without you needing to stay on top of it!

    This probably sounds like a pipe dream.

    Automatically find clients…?

    Without needing to network or any of the usual lead generation advice…?

    Yeah, right.

    There are so many companies you could help, but if you’re waiting for them to:

    1. Realize that they have a problem
    2. Realize this problem can be solved
    3. Realize that someone like you can solve it
    4. Search around and find your contact form

    …then you’re missing out on a lot of companies that you could really help.

    The system is fantastic to get clients and grow your network in a very organic way without being spammy. I know my business is going to change for the better if I do the work and step a little out of my comfort zone

    Sergio Romero, Marketer

    But what if you had an automated system that met companies right where they are now – before they know they need someone like you – and, over time, educated them towards realizing that they need someone like you?

    In this course, I apply everything I learned in growing an agency that brought in over $2 million a year and kept 11 of us fed. My agency couldn’t afford to “hope and pray” that we’d have enough work to keep us afloat. (Our payroll was $100k+ a month!)

    This course is also the by-product of over six years of experience in helping hundreds of freelancers and agencies take ownership over how they get work.

    I’ve also fused together everything I’ve learned in building massive audiences at scale online, and apply these strategies and tactics to getting high-value consulting clients.

    This course is unlike anything you’ve come across.

    It’s not simply a course on building on audience.

    Instead, it’s a framework for figuring out a compelling value proposition, and building out automated systems that meet people where they are right now and draw them over to applying to work with you.

    The result?

    A steady and consistent stream of project leads.

    An audience who respects and trusts your abilities to help businesses grow, and is your secret weapon in referring you to their peers.

    But most importantly, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a stable business with clients lined up, ready to work with you when you have the bandwidth.

    This course presents a brilliant approach. It allowed me to maintain “who” I am while positioning “what” I do to different market segments or verticals. I have taken dozens of online programs, but this is the most comfortable approach to date. I didn’t have to totally revamp my website, my copy, etc. I just focused my strengths toward a specific vertical. It also “feels” lower risk, i.e. if it doesn’t work, I just reposition the offer RATHER THAN reposition “me.”

    Ari Zelmanow, Researcher
    What's Inside

    This course is composed of 62 lessons that walk you through, step-by-step, creating assets that generate you leads. You won’t just learn in this course – at the end of it, you’ll have automated systems, a service offering sales page, and other tools that help you attract and convert high-quality clients.

    Course Overview

    In the first module, I overview the System and ensure that you and I are on the same page. I’ve also included reference material that you’ll use as you move through the course.

    What We’ll Be Creating
    Setting The Right Expectations
    Tools You’ll Need
    Glossary Of Terms & Phrases Used In This Course
    Visual Overview Of “The System”
    Your Positioning Statement

    What are you offering and why should people care? Rather than pigeon hole yourself into a single specialization, we’re going to position your funnel – and not your business.

    In this module, I work with you to create the end goal: what are you offering, and why should a client care?

    Why Position?
    Your Unfair Advantage
    Past-Project Reflection
    Watch Me: Collect Data From A Past Project
    Finding A Market
    Creating Your Positioning Statement
    Writing Your Internal Manifesto

    Once you’ve researched a basic statement, we’re going to turn it into a meaty Internal Manifesto that you use to pin down every aspect of the system we’ll be creating.

    We’re also going to get your Manifesto in front of the right people – ideally scoring a first client or two in the process.

    Turning Your Positioning Statement Into A Manifesto
    Watch Me: Write My Manifesto
    Developing A Validation Plan
    A Trojan Horse At The Gates
    Conducting Outreach
    Delivering On Your Promise
    Following Up
    Validating Your Positioning
    Creating A Marketable Document

    Your manifesto is great, but it’s for your eyes only.

    We’re going to comb through the data you’ve been collecting when validating your Manifesto, and normalizing everything you’ve captured and turning it into something that you can actually put in front of prospective clients.

    What Is A Marketable Document?
    Normalizing What You've Learned
    Watch Me: Write My Marketable Document
    Finalizing & Sharing
    Shipping Your Service Offering

    Now that you’ve created your marketable document, it’s time to show it off to the world – or at least the people who make it through the funnel we’re about to create together!

    You’ll learn how to design and write your Service Offering, along with how to craft the perfect call-to-action that leads people to take that first step of hiring you.

    The Job Of Your Service Offering
    Design and Structure
    The Call-To-Action
    The Application Process
    Watch Me: Create My Service Offering
    Teardown: Janelle Allen’s Service Offering
    Teardown: Jake Larsen’s Service Offering
    Teardown: Val Geisler’s Service Offering
    Creating A Content Arsenal

    When someone first comes across you, they’re probably not ready to commit to meeting with you, let alone hiring you. This is the big mistake a lot of freelancers make.

    Here we’ll talk about the role of content: what to create, what it’s “job” is, and how to get people who consume your free content to become a lead.


    The Role Of Content
    Writing Great and Engaging Content
    Sources of Inspiration
    Forming Habits
    Shipping Your Freebie Offering

    Before your leads are brought to your Service Offering, we’re first going to educate them about their problems and help them understand exactly how to solve them.

    In this module, I’m going to help you write and build a start-to-finish automated system that nurtures leads and prepares them to be your next client.

    Freebie Offering Models
    Planning Your Freebie Offering
    The Short Cut... or The Long Road?
    Using Your Freebie Offering
    Watch Me: Create A Freebie Offering
    Filling Your Pipeline

    If a tree falls in a forest, does anyone hear it?

    And if you create some free content and put it on your website, will anyone ever see it?

    This module is all about getting the right people to discover you, and to keep the traffic coming. With each channel, we’re going to get people not to find your service and hopefully hire you – but rather, to self-select to take that next step to learn from you.

    After you’ve educated a lead, they’ll be automatically pitched on your Service Offering, effectively automating your project requests and consultation meetings.

    Channels, Channels, Channels
    Jumping Into Conversations
    Guest Posts
    Podcast Tours
    Speaking At Events
    In-Person Networking
    Search Traffic
    Writing A Book
    Paid Ads
    Nudging The 98%

    The majority of leads who move through your automated funnel won’t be ready to work with you right away.

    However, these leads become a part of your larger audience. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep your leads engaged over time, turning them into future clients and/or getting them to refer work to you.

    Most Leads Won’t Hire You – And That’s OK!
    Segmenting Your Audience
    Creating Sales Touch Points With Your Audience
    Curation, Not Creation
    Getting Off The Newsletter Hamster Wheel
    Watch Me: Creating An Evergreen Newsletter
    The View From 10,000 Feet

    Now your system is complete. You have a number of channels that are consistently sending the right people to you, and your content arsenal is converting them into leads.

    From there, these leads are being educated about why they need to hire a company like yours, and you’re convincing them that you’re the best for the job.

    The final module is all about how to analyze, experiment with, and quantify the value of your entire system. This will give you the data you need to scale up additional funnels, and throw more fuel on the fire for the channels that are sending you the best, highest-value clients.

    Creating A Fly-Wheel
    Including Feedback Loops
    Testing & Analysis
    Quantifying Your Funnel's ROI
    When (And How) To Scale
    Is It Time To Go All-In On A Niche?
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    As a small agency, we had never gotten a single quality lead out of our website, and so had neglected it for a long time. We were finally getting around to revamping it and decided to buy the Blueprint. It felt like it had been created specifically for us. Since then, we have gotten real leads who we have never spoken to before.

    Andrew Askins, Developer and Agency Owner
    Who's behind this course?

    I'm Brennan Dunn, and for the last decade I've been working with clients. I started out as a freelancer, and after 3 years my business grew to an agency of 11 employees and a $2 million in annual revenue.

    I love freelance consulting, but I'm hell-bent on helping other freelancers learn how to master the BUSINESS of freelancing. A lot of us (myself included) started freelancing because we're technically solid... but end up learning the hard way being successful is much more than just being good at what we do.

    In addition to this course, I also write and podcast weekly for my audience of over 50,000+ freelancers. I also host two worldwide conferences for freelancers.

    ("What's with the robe, Brennan?!" We hosted our last European conference at an all-inclusive Japanese resort. It was a blast – and a bit weird! – presenting on stage in a kimono.)

    This course is currently closed, and will re-open in 2019. Enter your email address below and I’ll notify you once it’s reopened!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      “I’m totally new to freelancing. Will this help beginners like me?”

      Have you ever heard the business advice that goes something like: “Entrepreneurs: someone who jumps off a cliff, and builds a plane on the way down”?

      This is terrible business advice. So many of the students who have gone through my material have said that they wished they’d gone through it before starting their business.

      Why? Because why would you want to go into something blind and make tons of mistakes when you could get it right the first time? No matter how experienced you are at finding and selling clients, this course is going to help give you a foundation to work with.

      (And don’t get too hung up on experience. You might be surprised just how many veteran freelancers and agencies still depend on luck to survive.)

      “I’m an agency. Is this just for freelancers?”

      Nope. In fact, the origins of this course stem from my experience growing an 11-person web agency. Our monthly payroll was $100k+ a month at our peak – we literally couldn’t afford to not take control over how we found work.

      Whether you’re a team of 1, or a team of 100, you should be optimizing to spend as little time as possible finding and selling qualified project leads.

      “What happens after I buy?”

      Once you buy, you’ll have immediate access to the course via our courseware. I’ll also email you a confirmation email and you’ll get enrolled into a virtual “course club” – every few days, I’ll check in with you to keep you accountable and encourage you to keep moving forward, while also providing additional insights and commentary.

      You’ll also be given access to our Facebook community (exclusive to students of this course), along with our 1,000+ Double Your Freelancing Slack community.

      “I’m an introvert / I live in a culture that looks down on American-style selling / I’m not the sort who likes to pressure people, especially people I don’t know”

      Then you’re going to love this course. You’re not going to be forcing random strangers on the Internet to buy from you. You’re not going to reduced to being a sleazy salesperson.

      The System you build will have your would-be clients self-select to move further down your funnel. You’ll be delivering valuable information and insights to your target market, and they’ll only buy if and when they’re ready. Like Sergio said, “The system is fantastic to get clients and grow your network in a very organic way without being spammy. I know my business is going to change for the better if I do the work and step a little out of my comfort zone.”

      “How much time will I need to dedicate to this course?”

      It’ll take a month or two to get everything fully up and running. Though that’s assuming you’re already working full-time and planning on putting in a few hours a week. If you have a lot of extra time on hand, you could be done much soon.

      This will require work, though. If you’re expecting to buy the course tonight, and get overwhelmed with high-quality clients tomorrow, then I’m going to need to disappoint you.

      “How long will I have access to the course?”

      Forever! And as I add new material to this course, you’ll get it free of charge. Updates are on me.

      “Is there a guarantee?”

      There sure is. If you don’t think the course is worth more than you paid, then I’ll gladly refund you in full within 30 days of your purchase.

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